Meadow Pond Elementary School

185 Smith Ridge Road, South Salem, NY 10590

Ms. Carolann Castellano

Assistant Principal:
Dawn Pomeroy





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Principal's Letter

March 3, 2014                                              
Dear Meadow Pond Families,

With the closing of Lewisboro Elementary School, there has been a great deal of discussion among the four elementary principals about the different circumstances that our students, staff, and families will experience throughout the transition process.  Administrators, staff, and parents are working on a number of committees and planning for a smooth transition to three elementary school communities.

As you have probably already recognized, the transition process is complex. As a member of the Transition Steering Committee, I am involved in looking at the overall process for student transition, staff assignments, alignment of curriculum and instruction as well as the logistics of moving and possible construction of small instructional spaces. District-wide administrators and the elementary principals sit on this committee which is overseeing the transition process in the district.
You should have recently received a letter from the District stating your child's school of attendance for September 2014. If you did not receive a communication from the District regarding your child’s school of attendance, please notify our main office so that we can assist you.  There is a Redistricting Information Link posted on the District’s website at .  Presently, the link includes an initial parent communication from the District and the KLSD redistricting map.  Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.    

At this time, I would like to share some updates regarding transition committee work and specific steps that have been taken at this time.

A Student Transition Committee has been established to develop a comprehensive student transition plan. This committee is comprised of representatives of district administration, the four elementary principals, and staff and parent representatives from each of the four elementary schools.  We have set out to accomplish the following goals:
1.    orienting students with their assigned school of attendance for September 2014

2.    initiating relationships with others who will be part of their school community in the 2014-2015 school year

3.    promoting the idea of creating three new elementary school communities where existing customs are respected while new traditions are created (short/long term goal).

The committee has already met and established the goals listed above and has scheduled a number of meetings during the next several months. Some transition activities for students have been identified and we are developing plans for students to visit their new schools and participate in special celebrations or projects with their grade level peers before school breaks for summer vacation. The activities will be age appropriate and engaging activities that will include friendship building.   On balance, we recognize the importance of ensuring that students have the opportunity to participate in familiar end of year activities at their current school.  

Across the district, PTA teams are in the process of forming committees to plan for transition activities for families. These activities will take place outside the school day, while the Student Transition Committee activities will take place during the school day.

Since the closure was announced, some have expressed concerns about the capacity at Meadow Pond.  I assure you that we will have room for all our students. Based on the District’s current projections, we will have 20 general education sections K-5 in September 2014.

Over the next few months and/or over the summer, a few small rooms may be constructed to accommodate clinicians and small group instruction.  Our Operations and Maintenance Department will be handling the requirements for this work. Currently, the plan is for Meadow Pond to continue to maintain a computer lab. I will keep you informed as the transition process continues to develop and move forward.

Please know that the Elementary Principals, along with the other members of the Transition Steering Committee, are acutely aware of the importance of decisions about staffing. We are also aware that you may have concerns about having the opportunity to provide input about class placement and may have questions about how staff members who know your child best will be included in the process. These plans will be collaboratively developed by our team. We will provide you with more detailed information as it becomes available.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Carolann Castellano



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