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Mrs. Kerry Ford


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Front of the Class Charitable Book Drive

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Kindergarten Orientation Rescheduled to Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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A Letter from Kerry Ford

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Calendar Adjustments

As you know, this has been a particularly challenging winter season as it relates to school cancellations and delays.

Please be assured that all decisions have been made with student safety first and foremost in mind.

As of today, the Katonah-Lewisboro District has used six (6) snow days and our calendar only allowed for four (4) weather reserve days. Consequently, we are now re-instating February 18th and February 19th as student session days, with February 20th remaining as a teacher conference day.

I know that the reinstatement of school days during this week in February may cause inconvenience for some families, but this was indicated on the calendar approved last spring. Also, be aware, that should we have to cancel another day between now and February 13th, we will have to reinstate February 17th as a student session day.

John A. Goetz
Interim Superintendent of Schools


Progress Report Information

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Enterovirus Memo

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Memo from the Health Office

Dear Parents:
With the new school year upon us, head lice can become a major problem for schools, children and their parents. This is a wonderful time to break the cycle of spread. If every family would check their child, and, if you find signs of infestation, treat, we should be able to start the school year free of cases. Please check routinely throughout the school year.
Pediculosis is an infestation of the body or clothing with the eggs, larvae, or adult lice. Head lice are usually located on the scalp. They feed on human blood. If they don’t get the chance to feed, they die.

The recommended procedure for care is the use of a medicated shampoo. Treatment after seven to ten days is recommended to assure that no eggs have survived. Nit combs are available to help remove nits (eggs) from hair. Dose and duration of shampoo treatment should be followed according to label instructions. Follow up combing for at least a week to remove any overlooked or new nits is of paramount importance in fighting and ridding the individual of any infestation especially since no treatment is 100% effective.

Clothing, bedclothes and linens should be laundered or dry-cleaned to rid them of the insect and destroy any eggs. Any items that cannot be cleaned should be bagged for 15 days. The carpets and upholstered furniture should be vacuumed. Do not forget to clean the car!
Please remember that lice infestation is a nuisance issue. Children should be told not to share hats, combs or hair clips. Please be a good neighbor and notify the Health Office and recent play dates that your child has lice.

School Supplies 2014-2015

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ABCs of Increase Miller

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Kindergarten Registration Information

Welcome to Increase Miller Elementary we look forward to your child starting Kindergarten in the Fall 2014 Please be sure to call our district registrar,  Irene Cylenica,  at 763-7050 to bring in your registration packet.

IMES Library Website

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DAPC Winter Workshop Series 2014

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FamU Keynote Flyer

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Math Curriculum

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In an effort to become more efficient and sustainable Parent Teacher Conference sign-up will only be available online.  Additional information regarding this process will be available in September.

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