IMES Students Take a Hands-On Approach to Studying Land and Water

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Dillon’s class at Increase Miller Elementary School have been learning all about land and water! They recently took on a first-hand experience in building a dam in their stream table model. The land and water unit is part of the Science and Technology Concepts (STC) Science Curriculum, which is in its second year of implementation.

John Jay Middle School Students Receive Honors at Engineering Expo

In early April, seventh grade students Brooke Altneu and Elodie Nix represented John Jay Middle School at the 10th Annual Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo held at White Plains High School. The hands-on learning event teaches attendees about engineering and its impact on their lives. The JJMS team was among many competing from middle schools throughout Westchester and Rockland Counties. This year’s theme was entitled “Off the Power Grid.” Participants were to present a method which would power five kitchen appliances in a home that was not connected to a power grid.

Brooke and Elodie, who were awarded 8th place, promoted and argued for the use of Biofuels, such as leftover grease and butter candles, as a sustainable means of power. The team conducted extensive research and created a magnificent poster illustrating their findings. “The interest in Biofuels is growing every day,” Brooke explained.

While both Brooke and Elodie are excellent students, they also pursue activities outside of the academic realm. Brooke is one of three seventh grade students participating on the modified softball team. She also pitches and plays second base on a tournament softball team and plays the violin. Elodie has been awarded the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key Regional and National Awards for students in grades 7-12 in the short story genre. She was recently notified that she has won the prestigious Gedenk Award, as well. Her other interests include diving and the piano. Elodie is a member of Math Counts and Writopia Lab and she’s enrolled in on-line courses through Gotham Writers. Elodie hopes to study journalism or medicine.

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John Jay High School Students Explore “A World of Difference” With John Jay Middle School Students

Under the leadership of social worker Jessica Fulton, John Jay High School’s “A World of Difference (AWOD)” club mentored John Jay Middle School students on the topic of diversity. In April, the club of approximately one dozen members met the seventh graders in the JJMS tech classes. The older students introduced themselves and encouraged an open conversation about cultural, social, and physical stereotypes. They stressed that it is everyone’s personal responsibility to create a positive school environment and use sensitive language.

When the High School students felt that the class was ready, they proceeded to introduce one of the two prepared activities. The first “game,” entitled “Along the Continuum,” required a High School student to deliver a controversial statement. The seventh graders moved to either the left side of the imaginary line (strongly agree), the right side (strongly disagree), or to somewhere within the continuum. The activity was judgment-free and students were urged to be as honest as possible. After a series of statements, all shared personal experiences and discussed how these experiences influenced their opinions. Bullying and emotional harassment were addressed.

The second activity involved stereotyping and was entitled, “Planning a Party Checklist.” The classroom was divided into two circles. The older students placed a card on the forehead of each seventh grader. The students had no idea what was written on their own card but were able to read the others within their circle. A brief characteristic of a particular individual was written on each card, sometimes with a stereotypical description included. The students were directed to create a guest list and plan a party, all the while treating one another as the stereotypical version of the characteristic printed on each card. After the activity, the students again shared their thoughts and discussed the dangers of stereotyping.

The activities appeared to have spurred many discussions, making a positive impact on JJMS. The JJHS students carried themselves with an air of professionalism and compassion, and the JJMS students handled the exercises with great maturity.

Future AWOD volunteer activities include:
May 16 - Sharing a late afternoon with teens from Northeast; Zumba, pizza and brownies at Bedford Community Center
May 31 – SEPTA field day

John Jay Middle School Congratulates Elodie Altneu

John Jay Middle School congratulates seventh grade student Elodie Altneu for earning the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key Regional and National Award for students in grades 7-12, in the short story genre. Her story, written from two perspectives, is entitled “Dust.” It deals with racial intolerance and is a reference to the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

After winning the National Award, “Dust” was automatically submitted for a Scholastic Gedenk Award for Tolerance. JJMS is proud to announce that Elodie was one out of only five authors to be recognized with the Gedenk Award and will receive a $1000 scholarship. She has also been invited to Carnegie Hall on June 6 to participate in an awards ceremony, where her award will be presented by Grammy winning, hip hop violinist Miri Ban-Ari.  

In addition to writing, Elodie is a diver and pianist. She participates in Math Counts, the Engineering Expo, and Writopia Lab. She has also completed on-line courses through Gotham Writers. After graduating JJMS and JJHS, Elodie hopes to study journalism or medicine.

Board of Education to Hold Anticipated Executive Session - April 22, 2014


Megans Law Notification


JJMS Science Olympiad Students Earn Medals in Regional Competition

John Jay Middle School students competed against thirty-two other teams at the regional Science Olympiad competition, held at Scarsdale Middle School on March 7. The students excelled! Individual medals were awarded to Ila Rosen and Athena Ohnemus for earning fifth place in the Heredity category, Angela Huang and Sophia Peris for taking fifth place in Green Generation, and Kailas Amin and Sophie Peris for a sixth place finish in Dynamic Planet. Congratulations to these students as well as the other members of the JJMS team: Akshay Amin, Lauren Brigden, James Chen, Samuel Chen, Evelyn Mullaney, Thomas Pickup, Ellie Randles, Elyse Sherr, and Heather Sherr.

District Offices Return to Shady Lane Location

The Katonah-Lewisboro School District would like staff and residents to be aware that the District Offices are being relocated back to their previous site at 1 Shady Lane in South Salem. The District Offices have been housed at Increase Miller Elementary School (186 Waccabuc Road in Goldens Bridge) since August 2011.

The move is taking place in order to accommodate the redistricting of the elementary schools. Renovations to Increase Miller will be underway as the process continues. The schedule for the relocation is as follows: the Human Resources Department will move to Shady Lane on March 26, the Business Office will move on March 31, and the Superintendents Office will move on April 7.
Please be advised that District administrators and staff will be back and forth between the two locations temporarily as they pack and unpack. Visitors are encouraged to call the office at 914-763-7000 before traveling over to best ensure that the appropriate individuals are there to assist you.  

KLSD Introduces Interim Director of Technology

The Katonah-Lewisboro School District is pleased to welcome Interim Director of Technology John Krouskoff. Mr. Krouskoff, who was appointed on March 14 through a contract with BOCES, brings an extensive background as a technology administrator and specialist. He is a BOCES employee who joins the District on a consultant level while the Administration conducts interviews to fill the position permanently.

Mr. Krouskoff previously served as Director of Instructional Technology in the Clarkstown School District in New City. He held this title since 2007, prior to which he was Director of Technology in Tarrytown Public Schools for eight years. Mr. Krouskoff began his educational career as an English teacher at Clarkstown High School North, followed by a two-year role as Educational Technology Specialist for the Englewood Cliffs School District in New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SUNY at Oneonta and a Masters Degree from Manhattanville College.

In his most recent position with the Clarkstown Central School District, Mr. Krouskoff was heavily involved in the Common Core implementation and aligning media and technology resources to the shifts. He served as Chairman of the Elementary Technology Infusion Committee and District Coordinator of Library and Media Services, two roles that involved selection of software, text, and other materials based on the Common Core. He led many other significant initiatives regarding the incorporation of technology into the classrooms and developed a curriculum portal that has received national recognition.

As a leader in educational technology, Mr. Krouskoff has facilitated professional development programs and faculty training efforts in all of his past administrative roles. His work with staff members in order to better incorporate tools such as SMARTBoards, Chromebooks, Google Applications, and Blackboard into the classrooms resulted in greater opportunities for student engagement and learning. Mr. Krouskoff has coordinated a number of other differentiated staff development initiatives to support the rapid evolution of technology in schools, which in turn helps prepare students for college and the 21st Century workforce.  
“Mr. Krouskoff is a highly qualified school district administrator and we are confident that he is extremely well-suited to fulfill the requirements of our Interim Director of Technology position,” stated Interim Superintendent of Schools Michael Jumper. “We will be interviewing candidates this spring and look forward to updating the community when we appoint someone to the role permanently.”

Q and U Tie the Knot at Lewisboro Elementary School

Love was in the air at Lewisboro Elementary School. Letters Q and U chose to marry in mid-January, continuing the annual tradition that teaches kindergartners about the common pairing of these two letters. The affair was catered by generous kindergarten parents and the décor was designed by teachers, Lisa Burroughs and Colleen Walsh, along with assistant teachers Priscilla Luckow and Elizabeth Krissoff. Principal Cristy Harris and Assistant Principal Marie Calo officiated during the ceremony. The tuxedo-clad speech and language teacher, Terrilynn Wuensch, served as Maid of Honor. Q and U’s wedding has been a much anticipated event for many years at Lewisboro Elementary.

The bride “Q” looked beautiful in her lavender gown and the groom “U” was dashing in his black top hat. The couple appeared to be truly happy together. In fact, wedding guests claimed that they have been nearly inseparable since they first met.

The wedding shower was also held in the kindergarten classes. Each student was assigned one letter, which was affixed to a paper bag. The students’ task was to place an item that began with that specific letter into their bag, aka the wedding gift. During the shower, they provided their classmates with three clues in order to help identify the item.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom hosted a lovely reception. Formally dressed kindergarten guests danced to a variety of uplifting tunes, formed a conga line and participated in a limbo challenge. The tables were adorned with wedding themed place settings, nametags, wedding lollipops, bells and bubbles. The room was tastefully decorated with paper wedding bells, ribbons and streamers.

Students enjoyed participating in this event with the “happy couple,” which plans to honeymoon in QUeens.